In 2012 I took over management of my land from the previous tenant farmer and began a gradual transition towards more environmentally friendly, responsible agricultural practices. Beginning with a course in sustainable agriculture at the Austin Community College Elgin campus, the generous guidance of Betsy Ross at Sustainable Growth Texas, a whole lot of reading, some soil testing, a WHOLE lot of mowing weeds, and several liquid compost applications, the land has gradually developed a rich organic top layer and a thriving dung beetle population. While not entirely organic yet, my ranching relies heavily on pasture rotation and prudent grazing practices, and has come a long happy way from its previous conventional chemical-reliant state. The thriving wildlife population tells me I’m doing something right, and as I’ve often joked, “Nothing but the best for my wild birds. they eat organically!”

Sustainable practices include rainwater capture with 17,000 gallons storage capacity and solar assisted power generation. We compost and do our best to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

EllenMental Acres is currently home to a herd of Boer/Spanish/Nubian meat goats and a herd of Angus X cows and one (very happy) Aberdeen bull. All are pastured, vaccinated, humanely handled pets…err…livestock!

We do not allow hunting on the ranch.

We currently have bred cows, young heifers, and meat calves available. Please contact us!