My first artistic manifestation, at the tender age of five, was the exuberant reworking one of my father’s still wet oil paintings. A steady trajectory through various media, combined with the yearning to build an art car, led to welding.

My creative expression had manifested primarily in “a little this, a little that”: painting, costumes, paper mache, drawing, photography, sewing, needlework, ceramics, jewelry, and Bedazzling…then, beginning with the conversion of a golf cart into an art car (the CARp) in 2006, shaping metal captivated me beyond all other media.
The CARp

I work primarily in found metal, of which there is happily no shortage out here in the country. My work ranges from the very small (insects made out of tableware) to a life-size Galapagos tortoise. My sculptures are informed by a lifetime love of living creatures, over thirty four years of veterinary medicine and rural living, a natural attraction to trash picking, and a warped sense of humor.

I always have pieces for sale. If you see something you like in the gallery please inquire. If you have ideas of your own for something you’d like built, please contact me! I’m open to commissions.

Carpe Carp


Baby Dragon III