Ellen Hinds

“One with the Dust”
the ultimate self portrait

Greetings, I’m Ellen Hinds, owner of EllenMental Acres.

EllenMental Acres is a 36 acre tiny (some might even say nano) ranch nestled on the western edge of Elgin TX, geographically occupying a part of the fertile Blackland Prairie ecoregion.

For 32 years I have been humbled and infinitely blessed to enjoy both the privilege and the responsibility of calling this little slice of Heaven my home.

I am an escapee of the Houston suburbs, a graduate of Westbury High (1976), the University of Texas at Austin (Plan II 1980), and Texas A&M (BS 1982, DVM 1984). In my adulthood I’ve raised a wonderful son (with more than a little help from his dad and many friends), enjoyed some fine adventures both at home and away, manifested my artistic inclinations in a range of mediums, and morphed from a small animal veterinarian into a beginning rancher.

While no longer working the 60 hour weeks of my youth, I am seldom idle. I most often describe myself as “retiring”.